Making a Plant Specimen

The Plant Specimen Preparation Kit is a revolutionary way to make a specimen and retain the original color. The kit can be used for a wide range of purposes: scientific research, personal hobby, etc.

Tools needed for collection

Field board

The field board is made of light and appropriately soft resin. Place the collected plants on the board and use the board to carry the plant.

Caution: If used in an environment that is more than 50°C, the shape may deform. Used only for collecting plants.

Tools used for drying

Drying mats

The mats contain calcium chloride and are used to dry plants without discoloration.

Plastic bags

The plastic bags prevent the drying mats from absorbing moisture.

Rubber bands
(not included in the Kit)

Used to secure the drying mats.

Press boards

The boards are used to apply even pressure on the layered drying mats.

Air presser

The air presser applies even pressure to the drying mats.

Vacuum air pump

The vacuum air pump forces air into the air presser.

Tools used to prevent damage or to display a specimen

Stock bag

Air is evacuated from the stock bag to prevent the specimen from being damaged. The bag can also be used to display the specimen.

Vacuum air pump

The vacuum air pump removes air from the stock bag.

Tools required to dry the mats again

Microwave oven (not included in the Kit)