Protecting and displaying plant specimens

How to temporarily store a plant specimen in the special stock pack to protect it from damage.

1 Remove the contents from the stock pack. Place the dried plant on the specimen mount.

2 Write down the necessary information on the label and affix the label in the lower right corner of the mount.

3 Superimpose the clear sheet on the mount. Place the clear sheet slowly on the mount so that any static electricity doesn’t cause the plant to move.

4 Open the ziplock on the stock pack and insert the specimen (clear sheet/mount) into the stock pack.

5 Close the ziplock tightly and insert the vacuum air pump nozzle through the air valve until you can see the tip of the nozzle sticking out from the air value inside the stock pack.

6 Remove the air completely from the stock pack.
If the air is not completely removed, the plant may be discolored, or will have shifted and become damaged inside the stock pack.
Make sure to remove the air completely. If any air seeps into the stock pack over time, exhaust the air again with the vacuum air pump.


Use the stock pack to (1) archive the plant specimen and protect it from damage or (2) to display the specimen. To archive the specimen in the stock pack, make sure to remove the air completely. If the specimen is not dried completely, moisture may cause it to get moldy or become discolored.